Coming Soon: How To Grow Your Real Estate Business by Generating Leads Online - A Step by Step Course

Learn how to accelerate your real estate business - generating millions of dollars of deals - through online marketing... We'll show you how to beat Zillow at their own game!  

 Includes step by step instructions - showing you exactly how to generate leads through a website - even with very little technical knowledge.

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Online Lead Generation For Real Estate Agents. Simplified. 

Clear, easy to follow, step by step instructions on how to use all the main tools & online lead generation methods - including websites, landing pages, Google Ads - and much, much more. 

Stop paying money to Zillow and other sites - instead learn how to beat them at their own game! 

But First... Why Generate Online Leads?

There are many reasons but I'd boil it down to these 3 key ones:

Build A 24/7 Sales Machine

How about generating new business while you sleep? Online lead generation allows you to scale and grow your business - without doing everything yourself.

A Simple On/Off Switch

No more cold calling or guessing where your future deals are going to come from. Turn on leads when you need them. Or turn them off when you don't

Track Everything And See The ROI 

When everything is digital, you can see how your marketing performed. So you don't spend money on marketing and be left 'guessing' if it worked.

And of course there's the other reasons: everyone and anyone is online now, it's much easier to do than it once was in the past (you don't need to know coding anymore) and it works (if you do it like I'll show you).

What Will Be Included In This Couse?

In short: everything you need - in a step by step format - to generate real estate (buyer and seller) leads online. The focus will be on websites, SEO and Google Ads. But here's a brief outline of what you'll learn:

Google Ads (Previously Adwords) 

  • The 3 key mistakes most people make that means they are set up to fail
  • How to organize and run real estate campaigns at a low cost
  • A system to run Google Ads using just 1 hour of effort a week
  • Which ads NOT to run (almost more important than the ones you do run)
  • Everything you need to master Google Ads - in a clear, step-by-step format

How To Convert Visitors Into Leads

  • Copywriting - one of the most important skills you may never have heard of
  • Key principles and rules of converting traffic into leads
  • How to write website copy and build landing pages for buyer and seller clients
  • Examples and results of copy that works from our testing

Website & Landing Page 101

  • Why 90% of people are doing it wrong (and most sites are bad)
  • The most important page on your site (it's not your home page or a landing page)
  • Simple tools to build website pages in seconds - so you can stop paying companies every month
  • Examples and templates of pre-written website pages that work

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Build a long term marketing plan to generate leads for free
  • Local SEO - getting in the maps results
  • Organic SEO - getting to page one

Measuring & Tracking Results

  • Learn how much you can and should be spending
  • Cost per click, customer acquisition and lifetime value (LTV) models
  • Marketing funnels for mortgages - how to measure from traffic to deals

How To Close Online Leads

  • The 4 Golden Rules of closing online leads
  • Scripts, tools and strategies to turn more leads into deals
  • Step by step processes for closing these leads

And Much, Much More! Including:

  • Facebook Ads introduction and overview
  • YouTube Ads introduction and overview
  • Banners and retargeting
  • Other sneaky methods of getting traffic to your site
  • Press release marketing
  • The future of online marketing (and the biggest fads around just now that you should avoid)

Not Theory Based - We Actually Show You How

In this course you'll get 'over the shoulder' videos - where you can watch as we set up and explain all the work involved to build lead generation assets - using a real life case study.

So this won't be just theory - but real-life, practical step-by-step instructions showing you exactly how to generate leads online.

About Me...

I'm Mich and I am a licensed Mortgage Agent and Real Estate Agent, based in Toronto, Canada. 

My background before this was in finance - specifically focussed on helping Marketing teams run online campaigns, measure their results and get their online advertising spend in line. 

I worked with Marketing teams who managed and spent millions of dollars on Google Ads... every single month.

Having learned so much about online marketing, landing pages and Google Ads, I decided that when I got my real estate license that I'd build some websites to generate leads and run a business this way.

It was a disaster. But not in the way you'd think...

I was generating so many leads (while still working full-time) that I didn't have the time to close them or give them the service they require!

So - at the suggestion of the head of my Brokerage - I pivoted and instead started sending the leads to other Agents on our team - in exchange for a split on the commission.

Fast forward 3 years and I now run a number of websites - generating thousands of leads a year - and in these 3 years, my leads have led to more than $150M+ in funded deals - all 100% from leads generated online.

For a while now, many people have asked for a course on how to generate leads - particularly using Google Ads (which can take years to master). 

If you sign up below, you'll be among the first in line to find out and get access to this course, when I eventually launch it. 

And you'll get the years of experience - from the hundreds of millions of dollars that I've helped run Ad campaigns for - distilled into one easy to follow step by step course.

I'm looking forward to helping you grow your business!

Mich Sneddon, CPA,CA - Chartered Accountant, Mortgage Agent and Real Estate Agent

PS. This landing page only took me 30 minutes to build. In the course I'll show you how to do this (with no technical knowledge) but also - and more importantly - when and why you'd create a page like this compared to the other kinds of pages you could create...

I Don't Just Talk The Talk - I Walk The Walk 

I've managed millions of dollars in Google Ad spend to learn the things that I've put into this course. Here's a screenshot of one my accounts:

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